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There I go into the Blue, the heart of the world, where no one used, the plain and simple, "I love you", instead, they sought, to go for the few. Not only do they walk away, but they simply don't know how to pray. Why don't they seek out the blessed way? And if I could bring the heart to it's know, then I say, "Bless the sacred Rainbow". We are all part of this wondrous dance, but it's the heart of the Rainbow, that knows, which way to go. If only we could all believe in this world, then we would all gather, like we should. Brother shall reign, I know it to bee true, just have to take part of all the leaves (on the tree of life, we are relatives). Sisterhood bring the law (love) of this song, then all will know how to get along and bee free!

"I Bless Myself" and "I Bless the World"

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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Dependence Day?

Greetings Relatives,

Looks like the "goVERMINment" has been busy pushing some scary bills through while you were sleeping again. They have to do with "health care" and green energy. Of course there is nothing healthy or green about them.

As I said before, you can be your own doctor and you will be much better off for it. The best doctor in the world is looking back at you in the mirror. Deny created sugars, avoid vaccines, eat green stuff, move, sweat, be thankful, bless, forgive, cook at home with family, and Big Pharma's sorcery will have no hold on you.

Love & Blessings To All
Lisping Wise One "Eternal Bells"
Elder Blue Person

Comments OnlyEd said...


I am.
I am here.

I hear your true words,
the meaning I do not miss.
I see where you stand,
I'm with you on this.
I love to hear your mind,
your ideas are my bliss.
I reach out my arm,
my hand a kiss.

I am here.
I am.


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