"Let the truth be TOLD, not SOLD"

There I go into the Blue, the heart of the world, where no one used, the plain and simple, "I love you", instead, they sought, to go for the few. Not only do they walk away, but they simply don't know how to pray. Why don't they seek out the blessed way? And if I could bring the heart to it's know, then I say, "Bless the sacred Rainbow". We are all part of this wondrous dance, but it's the heart of the Rainbow, that knows, which way to go. If only we could all believe in this world, then we would all gather, like we should. Brother shall reign, I know it to bee true, just have to take part of all the leaves (on the tree of life, we are relatives). Sisterhood bring the law (love) of this song, then all will know how to get along and bee free!

"I Bless Myself" and "I Bless the World"

Remember when we are deep in the mire, simply light your fire.

Blessed Warrior Skills, How to Teach Others True Love by Standing Your Ground. Fight for LOVE!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Support Your Local Farmers Market

When you support your local farmers market, you are directly supporting small family farmers and your local economy. You are supporting fresh, organic, healthy and whole food. You are supporting family farming traditions that go back generations, and a philosophy of land stewardship that is fast disappearing with the expanding industrialization of our agriculture.

You get to tell the world why your farmers market rocks. It's easy. Go for it!

An excerpt from a Farmers market contest!

"Love Your Farmers Market" Here's what they're saying:

1. I love that I can meet with and talk to the folks that grow the food I plan to share with my family and friends. I learn quite a bit and feel more connected to my community. (Tikki F.)

2. I support [my farmers market] because it is important to have fresh foods right from the farm to nourish our bodies. Even more importantly the foods and products are local which means we are helping to sustain our local farmers and producers. (Rebecca K.)

3. I love wandering down on a Saturday morning and getting good, fresh products at good prices. I always see several people I know, and enjoy visiting with friends. (Korrin J.)


Alice Waters says this,
“When we eat fast food, we are eating the values of that fast food. And its telling us that food should be cheap. And its telling us that advertising confers value, and that standardization is more important than quality, and that kitchen work is drudgery. This is what is being said. We’re eating those ideas, those values. So we have to come to Slow Food values, and we have to understand that food is something very precious, not something that [comes] after the Nike shoes, the cell phones and the cars and whatever else we decide we’re going to spend our money on. It should be way up there [in our values]. And we either pay up front, or we pay [later].”

Chez Panisse is the ultimate foodie heaven; a restaurant where most of us would be lucky to get a reservation, never mind afford it. Its founder, Alice Waters, opened this organic paradise of a restaurant 35 years ago, at a time when eating organic and locally-grown food was strictly for hippies. Having always cooked for friends, she decided to try and make some money out of her skills by serving food cooked with freshly grown produce and presented in a set menu format (unheard of in America at the time). Initially she went to specialty producers for ingredients because most of the standard suppliers didn't grow what she wanted. Back then, she had a food forager as a member of staff who would find berries and wild leaves. "We used to pick from people's gardens, and from the roadside, and then over the years we started meeting organic local producers and that's how it all started" she said. She believes that "85% of an ingredient's flavour happens before it even reaches the kitchen". To this day she serves a pizza with wild nettles.

Her new crusade is "ecogastronomy", a progamme to educate school children about what they eat. For the last 12 years the restaurant has funded a local school so that it could have an edible food garden where the children grow, cook, learn and eat. As she says "It's about re-connecting to nature, about behavioural patterns and about teaching children the importance of eating well and taking care of the land and themselves." As a result of her lifelong dedication, she was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award at the recent World's 50 Best Restaurants

Food and the Hunger for Connection
by Jessica Prentice

Contact Jessica Prentice




Canada Eat Local Challenge
c’est pas moi je l’jure!Hit Pay DirtJen and Joey Go Green

This is something I’ve noticed about local eating. I often have to do battle with my whims. I can’t just open a bag of potato chips when I get hungry, or most other prepared foods for that matter. Food preparation takes awhile and, unless a carrot or apple will do, I often go hungry while I prepare something more substantial. It makes me realize what a culture of convenience I live in. The idea of having to wait more than 15 minutes for food is foreign to most of us. -- Hit Pay Dirt, "Hunger Pangs"

Why Eat Locally?

Our food now travels an average of 1,500 miles before ending up on our plates. This globalization of the food supply has serious consequences for the environment, our health, our communities and our tastebuds. Much of the food grown in the breadbasket surrounding us must be shipped across the country to distribution centers before it makes its way back to our supermarket shelves. Because uncounted costs of this long distance journey (air pollution and global warming, the ecological costs of large scale monoculture, the loss of family farms and local community dollars) are not paid for at the checkout counter, many of us do not think about them at all.

What is eaten by the great majority of North Americans comes from a global everywhere, yet from nowhere that we know in particular. How many of our children even know what a chicken eats or how an onion grows? The distance from which our food comes represents our separation from the knowledge of how and by whom what we consume is produced, processed, and transported. And yet, the quality of a food is derived not merely from its genes and the greens that fed it, but from how it is prepared and cared for all the way until it reaches our mouths. If the production, processing, and transport of what we eat is destructive of the land and of human community -- as it very often is -- how can we understand the implications of our own participation in the global food system when those processes are located elsewhere and so are obscured from us? How can we act responsibly and effectively for change if we do not understand how the food system works and our own role within it?

100 mile radius around San Francisco -- click for larger version
Eat Locally!
Can we stay within a 100 mile radius?

Eat Locally!

presented by Locavors

Brought to you by Elder Lisping Wise One, Elder Blue person, who knows the view of God's heart as she opens the reflection for all to see what God gifts. We all must learn what it is to feel good and eat what is good, in order for us all to have health and wealth of our bodies and minds. Aho, may your spirit fly!

Fire Offers Purification

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Longing of a Swelling Heart

Heart Song for Lisping Wise One
Elder Blue person

Sun is shining and we can see clearly but don't think the clouds will bring the light away, for only the reflection of light is here to stay, no matter which way. if you think upon a stream and wish upon a star, you will find in most everything, the birth of near and far. we are the beginning of all there is if we choose to shine, it's all in the breeze today let us make it mine. the blue of memories come this way, to gift you more and more each day. I hope for miracles that come your way, just look inside and pray.

We are truly all there is, when we look inside and sail away, for dreams come when we look in and dreams will take us away.
If you had the wish I had, then relatives we would be. But the blue in you and me knows true that love is open soon. I can open all the doors if you want to stream inside the blue. But if you choose to swim within and not begin the blue, you will find that you will see, only a disease. For longing of a swelling heart, comes when we exclaim each day, the ways of bounty cures our heart when we give it all away. The past we hurt let us give it work and we will lift it to win. The story of the breeze that speaks of how it will shine. "The light of love comes in many ways", the light of darkness says. And my Heaven and your dream space is where we long to be, but if you don't pray with me and bless it along the way, we will have to wait until the cleansing of that day, but I will wait no longer my friend, cause we are going to win.

Relatives come home to me. Come home and feel the breeze. "Which way do I sail", I say. I trust all that wails (follow the trail of tears). There inside that gives a light is what the tears run for, to lift you up and gift you light to know the sacred way. For my loving arms will know that you are here this day and I can always count on you, to always make my day. But if you don't have those around who will lift you to the sky, just call on me and I will feel the breeze and send my loving tears. There when I sleep at night and when I dream each day, I will gift to you my love and show it in display. You are the gift God gives to me and each of your ways. My relative, you are my true, inside the blue, of you and me. Take my heart and know the time is here to let it shine, for God's love is here to stay, just let in today. We can be the best of friends, when we learn to pray. The blessing is what shall free us to be the living spear. We shall conquer all that smells, the distraught and the kind, but if they don't live up to them (selves), then we will let us in. We shall reign upon the land and we shall bring the law. Elders who come to hold your hand, come to tell all that smells. The sweetness of a garden grove is where we head this day, just look inside and learn to pray and lift your heart to the sky.

File: 07112009.lispingwiseone.dark.rtf
Heart song: LispingWiseOne
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USA 4pm pst 7pm est Fridays and Sundays
dial-in number: 1-641-715-3715, Your unique PIN: #062013
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Blessing: Holiness David
Angel Services: A Joy Light From Within. Org

Warriors of the Earth

Pray With Elders around the World each Sacred Saturday!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Dependence Day?

Greetings Relatives,

Looks like the "goVERMINment" has been busy pushing some scary bills through while you were sleeping again. They have to do with "health care" and green energy. Of course there is nothing healthy or green about them.

As I said before, you can be your own doctor and you will be much better off for it. The best doctor in the world is looking back at you in the mirror. Deny created sugars, avoid vaccines, eat green stuff, move, sweat, be thankful, bless, forgive, cook at home with family, and Big Pharma's sorcery will have no hold on you.

Love & Blessings To All
Lisping Wise One "Eternal Bells"
Elder Blue Person

Comments OnlyEd said...


I am.
I am here.

I hear your true words,
the meaning I do not miss.
I see where you stand,
I'm with you on this.
I love to hear your mind,
your ideas are my bliss.
I reach out my arm,
my hand a kiss.

I am here.
I am.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Where have all the Flowers Gone?

From the Heart of Elder Lisping Wise One

Where are all the flowers gone, long time flowing. where are all the flowers, long time ago! Where are all the flowers gone, I'm coming home each and everyone, I can see sunshine ahead, I can see roses ahead. and I can see blue skies above and I can see the flowers returning home.

Where are all the flowers gone, long time ago! Where are all the flowers grow, if not in the snow. I can see them everywhere. I can see them in the sky. I can see them fly high. The warriors of the white. And I can see the mighty blue, the greatest ocean of the new. And I can see the heart of you, where all the flow
ers grow.

Where are all the flowers gone, Long time crossing Where have all the flowers gone, so long ago! Where are all the flowers gone, I come home to each and everyone, where my home lies in you. Where my heart blooms.

Where are all the flowers gone. where has time gone so long. where do I go from here till now. I have come home. Where are all the flowers gone, the place of gardens each and everyone, I know the blossoms grow inside when I gift water to their sides. And mountaintops will lead us home. And glory will show us how, just plant the seeds of time. Just have a heart like mine.

Where are all the flowers gone. where are your sunshine gone, where do you hide your song. when I walk by. Can't you see, I
m coming home. Can't you see we are going home, cant' you be the rising sun. and we can find the stars.

We are always blooming forth, we are always going north and we will find heaven's port, when we learn how to play. We will find our brothers heart. We will climb the highest court, we will be with you and me. and relatives we will be. There my heart will blossom forth, there my love will gift a port and I will wait for all to come to know the rising sun. My heart only comes when you are here. And I have you always near. I will be there when you rise upon the morning's night.

I will be there always deer. I will find the port that's near . I will be the love of me, the one who true and blue. My heart will lead you anywhere, everywhere the sun falls near and I will be the guide inside, the heart that knows the way. I will be the rising sun, I will be the the night undone. and dreams will come to you and me, when we realize the leaves. and my relative, I've come home and I will beat the sacred drum and my heart will bleed for you to come to my hearth and the place we roam. The road always leads to here. and I can say, welcome deer (traveling the journey as on a migration through time), my love will last throughout years, when I know I can come home.

sung by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman, your Twin Deer Mother Join the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time To Gather

There is a river flowing very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid.
They will try to hold onto the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. See who is in there with you and celebrate. The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves.

-Hopi Prophecy

My Relative,
Currently we stand on one side and the future we want is on the other. Between the two is a bottomless river of searing lava. The purpose of our presence is to build a bridge over that.
Elder Lisping Wise One

Join us as we Gather Online with Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Friday, March 6, 2009

Food is Medicine


Why are so many of us sick and plagued with disease?
Let's say you have a beautiful plant but one day
you decide to mix a tablespoon of motor oil in
with the daily dose of water. The plant still looks
great but as time goes by it starts getting some
blemishes on its stem. It still looks healthy but
what you don't see is that its roots are rotting
and by the time the leaves are turning yellow it's
too late. What went wrong here? You fed the plant
harmful motor oil instead of pure water and
good compost.
Let's look at the teeth of a cow. A cow is an herbivore,
their teeth are not sharp like a cats but are flat for the
chewing of fresh grass. But man has taken these
animals and fed them corn (to fatten them up) and
dead grass so it is not surprising that more than 90%
of cows are diseased as this is not their proper diet.

Now man has created brutal drugs to keep most of
these cows alive and the hormones given make them
grow bigger and faster than they should. These drugs
and hormones ruin the animal's liver and since many
men only care for money, they do not care that the
meat is of very poor quality for carnivores who eat it.

Now carnivores are going through puberty at young
ages and fatter than ever. What went wrong with this
one? We turned the cow into a CARBOVORE,
poisoned its liver, screwed up its hormones and did
not feed him what he needs to survive.

Let's look at a cat. Cats live on meat and their
teeth are pointed and meant for breaking down
the small rodents that they eat. If you feed a
carnivore nothing but vegetables and grains,
the carnivore dies. I'm not telling you anything
you don't already know, right?
Let's look at human teeth. This is strange. It
looks as though they were herbivores but
developed two sharp teeth for eating a little
meat, so we will call them omnivores. We
were meant to eat mostly fruits and
vegetables and an occasional mouse or
egg here and there.
A hundred years ago, almost everyone had a
garden but now everybody has a grocery store.
Look at it this way: The pharmaceutical
companies and large corporations who supply
the grocery stores are the cattle ranchers and
we are the cows. Our main survival foods
"vegetables and fruit" are full of pesticides,
our meats are full of steroids, drugs and our
unsprouted grains are genetically modified by

Our milk is dead as they pasteurize
it (heat it to hundreds of degrees in temperature
or irradiate it so as to kill it completely) and
homogenize it. Wait a second.........humans are
the only species on the planet who consume
milk after being weaned from their mama.

Raw milk is good for you but it is illegal in most
"civilized" countries. So we could point our finger
at "The Man" for passing laws that made raw
milk and medicinal plants illegal but we were
the ones who stopped planting gardens and
contributed money to their drugs, poisons,
governments and GMO food. We are dying so
young and the "ranchers" are achieving great
wealth. We are the cows that eat nothing but
grain and poison. We are the rabbits that eat
meat. We get very little exercise as we watch
TV so much. This is why so many of us are sick
and plagued with disease.

There is a SOLUTION
We eat the way we should. Humans have been
found to live more than a hundred and twenty
years when they eat raw fruits, vegetables,
sprouted grains, nuts and seeds without pesticides.
These healthy 120 year olds get lots of exercise,
drink fresh water (no fluoride) and raw goats
milk and eat small amounts of organic meat.
Exercise is very important (use it or lose it).

Your TV is in actuality killing you so
throw it out and start exercising!
Eat right, get exercise and plant
a backyard garden....or else!

victory garden

An Organized Garden

Lisping Wise One "Eternal Bells"
Elder Blue Person

Keeping An Organized Garden

An Organized Garden
Illustration by Narda Lebo

I'm not the most organized person in the world, but a
gardener once gave me a valuable idea that I still use.
It's a garden notebook — a simple three-ring binder
that you can use to keep a record of everything in your
garden. You can make photocopies of seed packets,
punch holes in the page, and put it in the binder. Then
when you lose your seed packet or marking stick, you
can still tell what variety of to
mato you're growing.
Some people mount the actual empty packet on a piece
of paper and put it in the binder.

If you take pictures of your garden, you can put them
in the binder to follow the growth of each area, or get
a panoramic view to help with future planning. I like
taking pictures of my bulb beds in the spring. Then,
when I want to change or add to these beds in the
fall, there's a record of what's already there. I never
remember what color is where, so without the photos
I'd just be guessing. The pictures in my garden note
book let me be absolutely sure of where everything is.

The notebook is also great for making seasonal
observations and comments and keeping them in one
organized place. I also put in tip sheets from nurseries,
extension services, or garden centers, and I'm actually
able to find them when I need them.

Join us at the Gathering!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Craft Creations

Elder's Meditation of the Day
My Creator, let me use my gifts to further Your work on the Earth.
"My pottery is the handiwork of God."

The Great Onehas given every human being at least one special
talent and one special gift.
We need to develop and practice these gifts because they are the
handiwork of God. Maybe we are a quilt maker.

Maybe we are artists who make medicine bags-when people
look at our work it puts joy in their hearts; maybe we are singers
"ho ay ha, oh ya hey, ho ay hey ya hey ya, ho ey ya"
when people listen to our songs, Quantcasttheir hearts are happy;
maybe we are writers of song or poetry-
Today we are welcome to find a path of peace. We've come so far to find our way.
Together we are finding the love we have inside the love of the living fire.
Keep the warmth aglow with all of love's masks.
Keep the fire alive brightly in our dreams. Know wisdom will find you
if you just look inside and listen to all of your dreams.

My kinsman, I love you forever and a day. My heart abounds for Heavens sake.
Keep peace when you know liberty comes home to play.
Keep watch eternal faithful we keep inside.
My love is eternal and bright as the fire. The warmth I can never leave,
but flight gives me freedom to spread my warmth around,
a fire that's bright until the end!
the song of the soul's flight

then people hear or read our work, it may hang on the edge

of their lives.
Or maybe we are a painter who has a vision to gift to the
or a bead worker. And of course what about our craftsman,
the jewelry maker. How about a sculpture!
We need to honor ourselves and our gifts.
We beat the rhythm

to know the rhythm of Mother Earth, united we walk the Red
Road, the law of love. We need to thank the Creator for our
talents and our gifts.
"We need to honor ourselves and our gifts."
Come and join us at the once a month, gifting a craft class
held by Melanie Lisping Wise One, our Elder Blue person!
Join us at the gathering, where the Rainbow Clan become United!


Friday, February 13, 2009

White Wolf Woman


by WOLF MOONDANCE A Shaman of the Osage People

It’s a good time to be alive. In this day and age in America, we have a freedom of religion that allows us the opportunity to express our individualism. That has never existed before. This is a time where we have come as people to stand in the space of the emergence of a new age; a time when many religions are gathering together. It is a good time to be alive! When I thought about doing this article, I listened quietly. I listened for a long time to the She Wolf inside myself. I listened. And I became the Wolf within me, the White Wolf Woman.

The concept of Wolf Medicine has come to be greatly misunderstood. It has come to be associated with other creatures and apparitions, like WereWolf, astral Vampire, Big Foot, Druid, Faire, Nature Spirit, Night Hag, Skunk, Ape, WereBear, the Yeti, the Ponik, and the PolyMode. These names are attempts at describing dimensional shifters, or shape changers. These are terms that, for the most part, are born of superstitious mind, working from incomplete knowledge of the things of this plane and their natural rhythms.

I choose to give teachings about the She Wolf, for in this time our consciousness is expanding regarding Women and the energy of Women. We are exploring the many avenues of the psychic abilities of Women. Women possess a psychic sense known as intuition. This is Wolf Medicine.

The Mothering instinct in each one of us is Wolf Medicine. For the Wolf is a “Motherer,” a “Fatherer.” Simplified, that means Wolf holds the parenting energy in its vibration. That is real Wolf Medicine.

To understand the term She Wolf and some of the other terms I have used, you have to open your mind. Simultaneously, as you open your mind, you must remember within your heart that it is a good time to be alive. Remember, it is because you are alive in this time that you can explore all the methods of personal and spiritual expression available within the human drama.

In America we have been indoctrinated with many narrow-minded religions. Theosophies of limitation have produced fear, and on the whole, are based on materialism. Most Americans were raised on religions that teach us to judge others based on the lofty principles of what you wear, how you got it, and what you do for a living. This has resulted in lifestyles expressed through limited viewpoints and shortsightedness.

These are the teachings that have been passed on to our children, instead of the deep spirituality that comes naturally from Great Spirit, GrandMother, and GrandFather Spirit.

The Wolf Medicine that a Woman walks with, what we call intuition, is her Friendly Wolf. In the old way, the Friendly Wolf was known to come into the village to protect the children. She would appear when times of sickness were at hand, or when a child had gotten lost at night on their way home through the woods. This Friendly Wolf energy comes from the psychic. It is the psychic part of the Woman that knows how to shift her love, her intention, and her nurturing abilities into the form of the Wolf. Thus she comes to the village, in the form of the She Wolf, to protect the children and the old ones in need.

No ordinary person can take the form of She Wolf, for in taking this form, both a psychic and a dimensional shift must occur. This ability to shift comes from a vibrational frequency that must be sustained over a long period of time, thus allowing the transmittal of energy that fosters love, nurturing, and protection. These are the energies that are naturally within Woman, and these energies must be present and called upon in order to enter the energy field of the person in need, the one crying for help.

When you are in need, when you are in danger, or feeling separated and abandoned, you can transmit psychic energy, and pull to you the energy of the She Wolf. You can allow the feeling of that desire to draw to you the principle of the Mother embracing the Child. The very act of allowing the desire to come forth will cause a vibrational shift within the individual’s energy bands, thus allowing the transference to occur.

The She Wolf does not just come to her own Children. She comes for all Children, and for all the Old Ones. She is connected to the Mothering instinct within all of us. This energy travels through our energy bands, and when it connects with the energy of the person in need, it expands within that individual’s energy field, causing a change in the vibrational frequency around the individual in need. She Wolf Medicine is connected through the nurturing Spirits of the Women within the community. This process intensifies the feelings and emotions within the Women of the community. This allows that energy to embrace a feeling of comfort which is experienced by the individual in need through their psychic openings to other planes of their existence.

This is the process through which She Wolf travels to guide a person—through emotional communication, when they are sensing danger, or feeling fear. She Wolf accomplishes this emotional communication by lying down before the individual a heightened intuitive sense which affords the opportunity to access and experience the realm from whence all guidance comes.

This is the realm we often call the fourth dimension. This dimension allows the energy of a Human Being to travel, so to speak, and tend to the psychological needs of another, to be in two places at one time.

This dimension allows the Woman to change form and become the energy of the She Wolf. In that form, she is able to connect with, and attend to, the energies of the person in need. Sometimes the person in need feels, or even sees, the presence of the She Wolf, the Friendly Wolf, the Wolf the Children see on the pathway in the woods, the Wolf who leads them on the pathway home when they have gotten lost.

As I said earlier, the ignorant often compare this energy to energies such as WereBear, WereWolf, and others mentioned. The She Wolf differs from these others mainly in that she harms no one. She Wolf is the Mothering energy of Great Spirit GrandMother Wolf. GrandMother Wolf often comes to us in this time in the form of the She Wolf. She can be seen along the pathway while the Children are berry picking. She is the Friendly Playful Wolf, gently guiding them back, pointing them in the right direction along the path of harmony—the Good Red Road of Great Spirit.

There is also a grand teacher who is seen through the form of the Great White Wolf. She comes to us, especially in these times, when we find our minds suffering from anger, depression, sorrow, confusion, and other results of the shadow form of social tyranny. We can easily find ourselves restricted by religious dogma and traditionalism at every turn, and in every methodology.

This time is not unlike the old times, when the sickness came upon a village. GrandMother She Wolf, the White Wolf hears these things. She feels the need of the people. She hears their cries in the night.

It is said that the She Wolf will often lie down in front of someone in need, and protect them. It is said that the Wolf Medicine will weave its way towards those in psychological need of nurturing and spiritual protection. It has always been known that the White Wolf Medicine has belonged to the Shaman. For the most part, this knowledge has been lost to us in these contemporary times, these times when our automobiles kill, when our machines kill. Even the way in which we live our lives, and the way we raise our children kills. Even our laws kill. Even in taking nourishment from the earth, we kill.

We are passing through a dark time. We are like the Children lost in the woods.

I would hope that this knowledge will help those of you awakening to the search for the old ways, the ways of the Animal Spirits, the Earth Spirits. I hope it is helpful to those of you ready to truly see the values and the impeccability that can be realized in our lives by living in balance with the world of Spirit.

In the stories of the White Buffalo Woman and the White Wolf Woman there is a warning. In these stories, we are told how we can so easily go beyond taking from the Earth, more than what we need. Once that line is crossed, we become subject to the demons of greed and selfishness, and we have broken the Sacred Hoop. That is when it seems as if our world is collapsing.

When we break the Sacred Hoop, when we go beyond that Sacred Circle of life, then we have gone beyond the realm of earthly balance. That is when we find ourselves lost in a world of chaos and fear. It is to the World of Man, this realm of illusion and limitation, that the She Wolf can come. Or the WereWolf can come. The difference is this: one is snarling and red-eyed and vicious. The other is smiling, and the sun shines through her yellow eyes, and tiny rainbows bounce upon her hair, and in her mannerism, there is a balance of both the whimsical and the solemn.

The White Wolf, in its manner, is telling you that you are straying from the path. It is telling you to return. She calls you to return to the Good Red Road.

“Grand Mother and Grand Father have sent me to guide you to seek out the teachers who carry the Wolf Medicine. Go to these teachers. Listen to the Mothers, and learn how we can return to the old ways. Listen to the GrandMother teachings,” the White Wolf says.

This reminds me of the first time I witnessed shape shifting. I realized that it was a matter of a person being totally in one place and thinking themselves in another at the same time. This form of medicine can be viewed as illusionary medicine. But the She Wolf, the Big Foot, the WereWolf, the Vampire, the way of these medicines is very real. They are ancient forms of medicine that have been with us since the beginnings of our time here upon this plane.

So. Is there “a” She Wolf? No, but there is “a” White Wolf Woman, the GrandMother Wolf. There can be many She Wolves.

It has been said that it is too controversial to teach that a person could change their form into the She Wolf. Some would say that shape shifting is so controversial, that this knowledge should be hushed, coveted, kept secret. Some say that we should not speak of these matters. Some say that we should mask our presence if we possess this ability, for there are those who would kill that which they do not understand.

We see this madness demonstrated countless times in our everyday existence living in modern society. It is demonstrated in our hatred for those who are a different color, or have a different way. We see it demonstrated in the hatred Women have for Men, and the hatred Men have for Women. These emotions are running rampant in our society. We see it in the newspapers and on our television sets. We are losing our Children, as well as our Old Ones. It reminds me of the times we experienced back in the 1890’s. People are again destroying that which they do not understand. They are falling back into darkness, following religions of superstition.

So! I feel it is the time for the White Wolf Woman to come once again to our villages. It is time, again, for GrandMother Wolf to come into the village, and spread the teachings at your feet so that you might see the truth of things. This, so that once again you might return to confidence in purpose, so that you might see the light.

It is time for balance to return to our Earth Mother, not just upon Turtle Island, but for the whole of the planet. It is time for us to look deeper at things like dimensional shifting. It is time for us to become aware of Spirit energy again — it’s movement, and it’s nature.

Once the energy of this great universe was linear. Then things shifted, and the energy began to move back and forth. Then it swirled about, and expanded and contracted, creating sixth dimensional reality. In this manner GrandFather created the universe. In this movement the Earth plane was created. One of the things created here was time and space. So here, in this plane, we are subject to the laws of that reality. We are subject to the illusion of time and space.

But in the fourth dimension, where the She Wolf lives, these things do not exist; they are but an illusion of this plane. To understand this fullness of dimensional reality, it is necessary for us to develop our spiritual dedication, as we venture forward along the pathway that returns to the Sacred Self, the Self that is one with GrandMother and GrandFather Great Spirit.

As the She Wolf returns to walk through our villages to protect the Children and the Old Ones, she watches how we have developed, how we have grown, and where we have faltered.

And she brings a warning.

It is time to return to the balance of the Sacred Hoop. It is time to listen to our Mothering instincts. It is time to change our way of living. It is time to let the softness of the Woman speak once again in our society. It is time to let the teaching of the GrandMothers be brought back to the Daughters and the GrandDaughters. For the She Wolf has come home, as is her way when the cries of the Children and the Old Ones wake her from her dream time.

It is time to bring back the Woman’s Circle. It is time to remove the shame that Women carry from the lack of understanding of the menstrual cycle. It is time to bring back the teachings that are shared from Mother to Daughter, from GrandMother to GrandDaughter.

The Friendly Wolf is walking through the village once again.

There would be no need for abortions if we understood the sacred ways of child birthing. It is time for the awakening of the She Wolf within all Women. For the baby She Wolf is nurtured by the knowledge of the Women’s Circle. Her psychic abilities open. And she is then able to nurture the Male of her choosing with her energies, to open doorways in his being, so that the ManChild once again walks in balance with the Earth Mother.

It is time, as the She Wolf walks through our villages once again, to start paying attention to the call of the fourth dimension, where both roads—the one known as good and the one known as evil—exist; the place where we can clearly see, once again, our choice in choosing our direction.

Sometimes, even the most evil things, the WereWolf, the WereBear, the Horned One, the Vampire, the Beast, even the most evil itself, the one known as Lucifer, can be listened to. Sometimes it is true that a great strength can be drawn from observing evil.

This is not a time to shut our minds to the magical realms of our reality. It is time to listen to the Medicine of the old ways. It is time to reach out to the Little People, to listen to the Medicine of the Whales, the Dolphins, GrandMother Grizzly, and the She Wolf. It is time to hear the Medicine of the Great Eagle, time to go beyond our closed realities of microwaves and television. In our material consciousness, our lives of existence have been made easy by technology, but somehow we have forgotten the human struggle. We are becoming small minded, and we are closing down. We are loosing the friction that causes our growth and expands our spiritual awareness and understanding.

These things of the material reality are illusionary. They could be gone from our reality in the twinkling of an eye. In the twinkling of the eye! The She Wolf walks through our villages once again, offering peace of mind. She offers it along a pathway containing Seven Sacred Teachings. She draws upon these Sacred Teachings as she turns towards the GrandMother Wolf. Each She Wolf, through her intuition, draws upon these teachings as a natural part of the Sacred Cycle of Life. She draws from the White Wolf Woman, the knowledge of GrandMother Wolf.

So the next time the White Wolf appears in your dream time, or in your vision time, listen to your intuition. Follow that path. For in the integrity of Woman’s intuitive emotion, you will come to know one of the secrets along the Shaman’s path. It will take you on a journey that leads to an individual quest, one that will allow you to have creativity in your life and show you how to expand into the realms of the visionary. There you can walk through the rainbow mist, into the rain, and be cleansed, and see the truth.

The She Wolf, the White Wolf Woman brings these things, for she has not forgotten our oneness. For we are all Sisters of the Moon. Your howls have been heard.

From the heart of the Wolf, aho!


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