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There I go into the Blue, the heart of the world, where no one used, the plain and simple, "I love you", instead, they sought, to go for the few. Not only do they walk away, but they simply don't know how to pray. Why don't they seek out the blessed way? And if I could bring the heart to it's know, then I say, "Bless the sacred Rainbow". We are all part of this wondrous dance, but it's the heart of the Rainbow, that knows, which way to go. If only we could all believe in this world, then we would all gather, like we should. Brother shall reign, I know it to bee true, just have to take part of all the leaves (on the tree of life, we are relatives). Sisterhood bring the law (love) of this song, then all will know how to get along and bee free!

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Friday, June 5, 2009

Where have all the Flowers Gone?

From the Heart of Elder Lisping Wise One

Where are all the flowers gone, long time flowing. where are all the flowers, long time ago! Where are all the flowers gone, I'm coming home each and everyone, I can see sunshine ahead, I can see roses ahead. and I can see blue skies above and I can see the flowers returning home.

Where are all the flowers gone, long time ago! Where are all the flowers grow, if not in the snow. I can see them everywhere. I can see them in the sky. I can see them fly high. The warriors of the white. And I can see the mighty blue, the greatest ocean of the new. And I can see the heart of you, where all the flow
ers grow.

Where are all the flowers gone, Long time crossing Where have all the flowers gone, so long ago! Where are all the flowers gone, I come home to each and everyone, where my home lies in you. Where my heart blooms.

Where are all the flowers gone. where has time gone so long. where do I go from here till now. I have come home. Where are all the flowers gone, the place of gardens each and everyone, I know the blossoms grow inside when I gift water to their sides. And mountaintops will lead us home. And glory will show us how, just plant the seeds of time. Just have a heart like mine.

Where are all the flowers gone. where are your sunshine gone, where do you hide your song. when I walk by. Can't you see, I
m coming home. Can't you see we are going home, cant' you be the rising sun. and we can find the stars.

We are always blooming forth, we are always going north and we will find heaven's port, when we learn how to play. We will find our brothers heart. We will climb the highest court, we will be with you and me. and relatives we will be. There my heart will blossom forth, there my love will gift a port and I will wait for all to come to know the rising sun. My heart only comes when you are here. And I have you always near. I will be there when you rise upon the morning's night.

I will be there always deer. I will find the port that's near . I will be the love of me, the one who true and blue. My heart will lead you anywhere, everywhere the sun falls near and I will be the guide inside, the heart that knows the way. I will be the rising sun, I will be the the night undone. and dreams will come to you and me, when we realize the leaves. and my relative, I've come home and I will beat the sacred drum and my heart will bleed for you to come to my hearth and the place we roam. The road always leads to here. and I can say, welcome deer (traveling the journey as on a migration through time), my love will last throughout years, when I know I can come home.

sung by WhiteBuffaloCalfWoman, your Twin Deer Mother Join the Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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